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A relatively underrated Italian ballad. Going for it is a beautiful melody (like the score of an art film) and a good performance (as well as the fact that it's sung in Italian). However, it is annoying when it is reminiscent of Italy '92. Not the best of all Italian entries, but not the worst either. 6/10

An unintentionally laughable performance didn't help an already tragically bad song. It was almost painful to watch it from this perspective (it took Turkey's average score on my lists right down), being reminded of how much I hated Turkey at the time (from an ESC-point of view). Probably the worst song of the year. 0.5/10

Germany is one of my least favourite ESC-countries. Here's one reason: this dull ballad. The vocalist really couldn't sing and he made the already rough-sounding German lyrics sound even worse. A low ranking for powerful country. I live for these things. Especially in cases of a bad song, like this one. 1.5/10

Overrated. What was she thinking anyway? "Look at me! I'm better than Celine Dion!!!" The song is very good (I mean - it IS sung in French), but it could have been only too much better ... it takes a lot of wrong turns. Yet, it did grow on me and it is easily remembered. 6.5/10

A nice melody at the start and a nice chorus ... all a little too nice and familiar, but definitely worthy of more than just nine points (even Turkey received ten points). The song is a little too brief and the performance wasn't exactly flawless, but nothing unforgivable. 4.5/10

I don't recall the performance, but I watched the video clip and it excels at what it's trying to be. A little bit more than a live-action postcard. Keti Garbi looks like an over-made-up woman from the 80s to me and the song sounds way to familiar. I'm sorry to say that I find this to be overrated. It scored extremely well for a Greek entry. 4/10

An interesting ballad though the chorus doesn't impress as much as it should. Why it came last, I will never know (or even begin to know). In this year of Esmel yarim and Maria Magdalena among others, it surely should have done better. 6/10

Not exactly terrible, especially when compared to the following two Maltese entries. However, this time my expectations were minimal and it may have helped it. However, this isn't Eurosong material - this is just a song that Tom Jones would make as part of an album to cash in on another, better single. 3/10

Even though I can hardly hear what she's saying (by the way, I don't like her voice), the music is great and the song is pretty good too. The chorus is especially appealing and I can almost see why this song (even though it did only relatively well on the night) is very popular among fans. However, I am getting tired of it. 8.5/10

Extremely dated, to say the least. This is one of the reasons why Eurosong is considered kitschy among outsiders. It hurts my ears. To compare it with the later, Croatia Marija Magdalena would be an insult, not only to Doris, but to humanity as well. 1/10

Now, this is Eurosong for me. I really love this song. So typical of the event. It also boasts a very good performance and probably should have ended up higher in a year as weak as this one. The chorus is particularly impressive. One of my favourite Portuguese entries. 9/10

When it comes to music, to me, French means good. This is no exception, but it really isn't the most distinguished of examples. Yet, Corsica should be proud of its son ... He did well, especially when it comes to rankings. But I can't help feeling that this would have scored much lower if there was televoting. 5.5/10

Not quite exceptional, but not bad at all. It's a song that is likely to cheer me up whenever I hear it and, for that reason alone, I should probably listen to it more often than I do, but ... (and there's always a but!) ... it IS a (grown) boy-band. Still, (like almost every other year) a good effort from the Swedes that did well with the juries (as well as the fans). 5/10

This is probably the most widely accepted of the Irish winners of the Nineties. I actually prefer The Voice from '96, but this is my second favourite. It's not exactly original, but it's very good and the performance was nice too. However, it probably would have rated much lower on my list in any other (better) year. 7.5/10

A good-but-not-great duet from a once-hugely-impressive country, aided by the fact that it is sung in French. It's probably the last we'll ever officially hear from Luxembourg in the ESC. Otherwise, it's pretty dull and unnotable. 3/10

Without any prejudice, I actually like this song. It should have done a little better than it did. There were many better entries to follow, and they erased my memory of this, their first one. But I listened to it again and I'm glad I did. It is very underrated. 7/10

I don't usually like the Finnish entries, but here's an exception. It doesn't really sound Finnish - more like a combination of French, Russian and Greek music (of all things). It should have done much better than it did. After all, the year was weak and the Finns' hope of winning is really going down fast. I doubt that a Finnish entry has or ever will rate this high on my list. 9/10

The war in Bosnia is long over now, but this song is still powerful. It contains some of the greatest  lyrics ever written and it's perfect in every other way too. It probably did get some sympathy votes, but not enough of them. It also should have received points for quality. 10/10

United Kingdom
I still remember when Niamh finally won and my mother was glad that at least 'that hag' lost. 'That hag' was Sonia and, truth be told, she really was a little over-confident and unnerving at moments. However, this IS the ESC, and over-doing is generally what we are here to see. The song itself is pretty good anyway, but definitely not "top 5" material. 6.5/10

Almost but not quite gospel. This was a good debut and a good performance (despite an accent that wasn't exactly flawless). I actually like this song a lot. Maybe the fact that it's Croatian has something to do with it. It grew on me after a while. Very underrated. 9/10

The Netherlands
Extremely appealing. A near-classic song and a flawless performance are responsible for the high placing of this particular Dutch entry, both on the official ranking and my list. In fact, it scored higher on my list. 9.5/10

For some reason, that rhythm is very familiar to me. This is quite a modern and catchy Spanish entry. Not at all traditional, as it is not a ballad performed by a male vocalist. That really is a good thing, but it really could be an even better thing. 5/10

Not too ethnic ... that's partly the problem. The chorus sounds like something that could be played over the final credits of a teenage movie from the 80s. Yet, it isn't that bad. And I really like the beginning of the song. The performance wasn't too bad either. 5/10

I wish it was a little more ethnic, but ... Anyhow, this is dangerously close to terrible. Towards the end, I was fighting to stay awake (a terrible performance). I usually adore the Israeli entries. As much as I want to adore this ... I really truly can't. 3/10

Here's something rare. A song which was overrated by the juries and underrated by the fans. It had a nice beat to it and, although I don't usually go for this type of song, (even if it is nicely performed by a cute girl), I like it. It really grew on me after a while. 9/10

TOP 25:

1. Bosnia - Herzegovina
2. Netherlands
3. Finland
4. Portugal
5.  Norway
6.  Croatia
7. Iceland
8. Ireland
9. Slovenia
10. Switzerland
11. United Kingdom
12. Italy
13. Belgium
14. France
15. Sweden
16. Spain
17. Cyprus
18. Denmark
19. Greece
20. Luxembourg
21. Malta
22. Israel
23. Germany
24. Austria
25. Turkey