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From this point on, you are reading Vanja's comments, views and other crap like that. I'm just kidding, don't get your hopes up. :) Vanja's great!

I remember I watched this one while I was living in Croatia. There were few friends of mine who joined me, but they didn't have the nerves to watch it until the end, so I watched the second (better) part by myself.

1. Poland: At the start seems a bit boring, but later it develops into a simply fantastic song, just like Shara barechovot (ed. don't even try to compare Sama with this shit!). Performance couldn't really be better for this type of song, even though Justyna didn't really try to make an eye contact with the audience. A very nice song indeed, and I was negatively surprised with its bad scoring.

2. Ireland: This song doesn't have some big quality in my opinion. I keep thinking that the Irish wanted to avoid victory in 1995, so they sent this "loser-song", so they can be sure. He he. Anyway, no, not very good.

3. Germany: Why did this do so bad? I like the beginning, it is kind of powerful, and song is all in all very good. I was surprised that it got null points from Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia, who usually vote for Germany. I mean, I really liked the song, and I don't see the reason why it did so bad.

4. Bosnia: What can I say? Bad. I even heard that it was trully the best song in Bosnian National Final '95 (ed. actually Vanja, there were two other much better songs, which were very modern, very similar to Fra Mols til Skagen) so you can imagine the quality of other songs. Lyrics of Dvadeset i prvi vijek are very nice, but the music is completely outdated, and the performance with a 55-60-year-old on the stage is just a big mistake. Davor Popovic is the lead singer of one of the most popular pop-rock bands in Western Balkans "Indexi". It was quite a surprise to see him with this kind of song. It was interesting that it got 8 points from the Croatian jury. Maybe Davor's name had something to do with it (ed. Davor is a Bosnian Croat). Anyway, a bad song with good lyrics, and no refugee votes.

5. Norway: I knew this would do better, but I didn't expect victory, because it was just weird that song like this could win the ESC. Anyway, I was wrong, but I'm glad it did well, because the song is really good, and I often fall asleep while listening to these interesting tunes. I think some additional lyrics would've destroyed the song, so I like it the way it is. Let's say it was a worthy winner.

6. Russia: A Bulgarian living in Russia called Philipp really brought garbage to represent his "great" country. I mean the song is not only stupid, boring and outdated, but it just doesn't make sense with those lyrics, etc. A Completely uninteresting song. I still don't get why it got high 10 points from the Norwegian jury. No, worse than Ireland, very bad.

7. Iceland: I think this is another song where I had to use the FF button, together with the Russian entry. Again, a song that doesn't offer much, something that doesn't fit into the ESC. Bad, very bad.

8. Austria: Well, this song did much better than my predictions were. Stella Jones did her best, but a song with non-delicious jazz is just boring. Anyway, not all that bad comparing to some other entries from this year.

9. Spain: The live version of this song is so much better than the studio mix. Even though Anabel Conde had very bad teeth and looked very bad in her dress, she gave us a superb performance and a wonderful song, one of the best this year. Even though the chorus was repeated many times, this song is still very good, and it announced the opening of the better part of ESC 1995.

10. Turkey: I still don't get why was this song so underrated. Seems like there is some truth about conspiracy of ESC audience against Turkey & Finland. Sev! is a really nice song, and performance with beautiful and sympathetic girls was really nice. Song is really underrated, and it was not fair. Crazy Bosnian jury never remembers Turkey, just on occasions.

11. Croatia: Even at the Croatian Final, it was pretty clear that this song would win, even though I preferred some other songs, but this seemed the most "proper" for ESC. Just a year before Nostalgija, group Magazin did a duet with opera singer Mare and song Simpatija was released. Some people were kind of scared that Magazin may end up in opera, but fortunately it didn't. After Nostalgija, Magazin did another duet, but this time with a 7-year old girl called Kanita Beba, and wonderful song Romantika was released (ed. That song was just awesome and Kanita was the cutest). Anyway, Nostalgija is not really Magazin's style of music, but they have been there, on Western Balkans music stage, for decades now and still they are one of the most popular groups in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, and Slovenia, with millions of albums sold.

12. France: This song is catchy, but after a few times, it just gets boring, so I sometimes use the FF button with this song. Performance was so-so, and the song's melody is a bit outdated, but still OK.

13. Hungary: After the 1994 entry, Hungary didn't have much success at ESC. This ballad sounds nice to me, a little bit tragic at the beginning, but still nice. I personally do not prefer these kind of songs, but I don't have anything against this song. I cannot imagine some great visual performance with this type of song, even though a younger singer would've fit better, but still not bad. A disappointing result for Hungary this year! P.S. Hungarians have fantastic folklore music, and some influence of it would do so much for Hungary at ESC.

14. Belgium: Belgians have two beautiful official languages, and still they constantly send really bad entries to ESC. I mean this song is simply outdated, boring and perfectly fits under the same pot with Iceland & Russia.

15. United Kingdom: Terrible. Actually, funny. You just don't know if they came to have some fun, or they really tried to convince us that there is some existant British rap. Ha! Bad. I personally do not like British entries for ESC at all. Those Irish ones are more dear to me!

16. Portugal: Portuguese entry this year was really bad. As I said before, it is well known that "colored" singers never do as good as their white collegues at ESC, but there was no salvation for this song. Bad, but still better than Russia.

17. Cyprus: I didn't like this one at first, especially the beginning part (ahahahaha), reminded me of Montenegrin movies about life under Ottomans. Anyway, I realized that I don't have to like the Cypriot government to like the actual song. I learnt how to appreciate this song, because it really is good, and has qualities. It didn't do as good as some thought, but Mediterranean countries do not vote for each other so often. If there weren't any political barrieres, this song would've done much better with additional points from Turkey, Bosnia, etc. Anyway, the performance was really good, and the drums, etc. Nice surprise from Cyprus!

18. Sweden: A nice song. Right after a good entry from Cyprus, we have another wonderful entry. I liked especially chorus and the bridges of this song, and it was visible that this song was going to do good; and it did!

19. Denmark: A nice surprise from Denmark. A song with etnic influence did very well for Denmark. Maybe Danes should send more songs of this type, because it works best for them.

20. Slovenia: We, from Western Balkans have many singers who perform songs like Prisluhni mi, so this songs, with all regards, didn't bring anything special for me. It is interesting how big number of people adore this song, but for me it is just a mediocre entry. Anyway, Darja's performance was very good, much better than her 1999 performance.

21. Israel: Most of Israeli entries from 1990s are very good, so is this one. Amen is an interesting song, and it got high points from countries like Bosnia-Herzegovina, which was the final breaking of ice. I like the song though, and I think it was worth every single point it got. Liora looked very nice, so did the backing vocals.

22. Malta: I will never understand why it got douze points from both Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia. I mean, the song is OK, but overrated. There were some speculations about voting of Western Balkans for Malta and vice versa. And really, if we take a look at the points given, it makes sense. Malta saved ex-Yugoslavia (famous Brazil) from last position in 1991, with one point. (Thanx, Malta!). Anyway, Croatia & Malta will become tourist rivals soon again, so we'll see what effect it wil have on ESC.

23. Greece: Hm, Greece as the sugar at the end. He he. Yes, again I realized that if I don't like the Greek government doesn't mean that I shouldn't like their ESC entries. Pia orosefhi is one of the best of Greece from 1990s, together with Ellada, hora tou photos (ed. there's no doubt about that, Vanja!). Pia prosefhi is a nice song, interesting, and I especially like the beginning, the recital of the guy. No wonder why Noah likes this song so much, even though he goes too far with some weaker Greek and Cypriot entries such as Teriazoume etc (ed. weaker? You'd better take that back!). Anyway, a nice closing, and a bit unfair position for Greece this year.

Here is my top 23 of 1995:
1. Poland: Sama
2. Greece: Pia prosefhi
3. Spain: Vuelve conmigo
4. Cyprus: Sti fotia
5. Norway: Nocturne
5. Turkey: Sev!
7. Germany: Verliebt in dich
8. Sweden: Se på mej
9. Hungary: Uj nev...
10. Croatia: Nostalgija
11. Israel: Amen
12. Denmark: Fra Mols til Skagen
13. Slovenia: Prisluhni mi
14. France: Il me donne rendez-vous
15. Bosnia: Dvadeset i prvi vijek
16. Malta: Keep Me In Mind
17. Austria:
18. Ireland: Dreamin
19. United Kingdom: Love City Groove
20. Portugal: Baunilha e chocolate
21. Belgium: La voix est libre
22. Iceland: Nuna
23. Russia: Kablyandiya dlya vukana